At Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, we continue to advance the long standing tradition of Lion Dance by sharing it with those who are interested in its beauty and athleticism. Our spectacular Lion dance performance will turn any occasion into a special occasion.  Our Lion Dance wedding show will help make your wedding reception more memorable.

Lion dance performances help bring good luck and prosperity to you and your event.  We follow all traditional lion dance protocols and superstitions so that the lion dance performance does not break any traditions. 

Hong Luck has trained many other lion dance teams in Toronto and the GTA.  Book a lion dance with the original lion dance team.


If you are interested in having an exciting lion dance in Toronto or the GTA for your wedding, organization, business or a private function, please feel free to contact us for our competitive rates and availability.

Lion Dance Performances Are Offered For:

Chinese New Year


Private Functions

Business Functions

Celebrations and Events

Special Occasions

Community Events 

Lion dance performances not only help celebrate your wedding or bring in the new year, but they also liven corporate functions, commemorate holidays, and bring plenty of good luck to new businesses!

“Although my toddler did not respond much to the crew, everyone of your crew were so friendly and patient with him and the children. Taking care to explain how friendly the lions were, to how they bat the lion’s eyelids to using the instrument, even to a 2 yr old! I can’t tell you enough how much that meant to me and my boy.”
Jamie L.
2014 North York Library Lion Dance Performance

“People loved the show! Thanks—-worked out perfectly! YAHOO!”
Linda Parnsalu
Canadian International School of Hong Kong


The lion represents the “spirit” of a martial arts school. Traditionally, the lion dance was used to frighten demons from local businesses and communities, and help bring good fortune to all. Today, the tradition endures by commemorating a host of festivals and opening ceremonies.

The colours of lions vary, and they may follow those attributed to the Chinese god Kwan Kung and his brothers Chang and Liu.

In terms of athleticism, lion dance routines are dynamic and acrobatic. The physical and mental demands of high-level routines are so great that there are now lion dance competitions held annually throughout the world!

 During the long revolutionary resistance against the Ch’ing government, the martial arts community often used their lion dance to communicate with the other Chinese patriots.

Although no real lions ever existed in China, lions and the tradition of lion dance have existed in Chinese culture and history for thousands of years. Chinese lions bear very little resemblance to real lions, however, they play an important role in Chinese folklore. Lions are portrayed as peaceful creatures that are considered divine animals of nobility and dignity. They symbolize strength, courage and wisdom.

In absence of records, there are several versions of the history and origin of the lion dance.


Since 1961, our lion dance teams have appeared in the Toronto Lion Dance Festival, on Canadian broadcasting networks such as CBC, CTV, and CITYTV, and those from the People’s Republic of China such as China Central TV.

The lion dance is a long-standing Chinese tradition. Even today, the lion dance endures as an ever-celebrated facet of Chinese culture.

At the Toronto Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, we continue to advance this tradition by sharing it with those who are interested in its beauty and athleticism. 

Hong Luck Kung Fu Club has been training lion dance performers the art of lion dance since 1961.  Come learn lion dance from the club that has trained other lion dance teams in Toronto and the GTA.  Learn how to bring the lion to life, play the drum, gong and cymbals.

You will not only learn lion dancing but learn the history behind the lion dance.  Learn the rituals and protocols in lion dancing.

Members are invited to begin learning the Lion Dance after they complete the basic requirements of the beginner kung fu class at Hong Luck. This gives them the coordination and body strength needed to begin training in the Lion Dance.  Those that wish to train only in lion dancing are welcome as well.

Come join an exciting team that have perform in Toronto and across  the GTA.


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