At Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, we pride ourselves on being one of the very first Chinese martial arts institutions in Canada.

Throughout our long history, we have encounted many challenges as pioneers in our craft. But with constant determination, our centre has developed from an association of 20 members at the time of its inception to one with a membership of more than 1,000 strong. With the untiring efforts of Grandmaster Paul Chan, Hong Luck Kung Fu Club is proud to carry its rich legacy into the new millenium.

        Our students have had much success within North America and overseas. In 1985, members of the centre visited 7 major urban centres within the People’s Republic of China putting on demonstrations and visiting historic sites. In 1991, students of Hong Luck Martial Centre participated in the First World Wushu Championships held in Beijing, P. R. China. Our students have also won gold in traditional events at the Pan-American Wushu Games, and we look toward the future with great ambition in achieving new and bigger goals.


At age 11, Grand Master Paul Chan began training under Grandmaster Wong Chun Yip in October 1943.

Grandmaster Wong, a boxer of Short-Hand Choi Lee Fut, taught martial arts at Chunyung village in the Chong Lau district of Guangdong province, People’s Republic of China. Grandmaster Wong later established himself in Fow Shek village where he opened the Heung Hing Federation and took thirty children between the ages of 8 to 15 as his students.

Grand Master Paul Chan was among the thirty students to enrol in the school and spent 6 years under Grandmaster Wong’s gruelling regimen. Forging their skills with hard work and discipline, Grandmaster Wong made his students recite the following dictum on a daily basis, “Never be afraid of the strong, for you have fast hands and feet. Develop fast hands, quick eyes, powerful techniques, and a quick mind.”

                          A New Legacy

In 1961, Grand Master Paul Chan founded Hong Luck Kung Fu Club with a handful of associates in Toronto, Canada. Since that time, Hong Luck Kung Fu Club continues to share Choi Lee Fut and Do Pi with dedicated students of the martial arts.

Grand Master Paul Chan also holds a black belt in judo, which he earned under Sensei Frank Hatashita between the years of 1958 to 1965.

Grandmaster Paul Chan passed away on July 5, 2012 in Toronto. Our new head instructor is Joe Jong. 


Letter from Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport for our 52nd Anniversary
Michael Chan
Minister of Tourism
"If your kung fu is weak and you want it to be strong, check out the Hong Luck Kung Fu Club (548 Dundas West, 416-596-8581), where your indomitable spirit will face an unstoppable force."
NOW Magazine
"This tribute reflects the high esteem in which you are held by the members of the Martial Arts Community. You have taught valuable life lessons while instilling values of hard work and determination."
Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada 2002


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At Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, we have over 60 years experience in providing professional and spectacular lion dance shows.


Our basic training regimen is designed to meet the demands of both beginners and advanced students. For beginners, the techniques one acquires in basic training lay the foundation for higher levels of performance. For intermediate and advanced students, basic training classes are essential for maintaining and fine-tuning skill-sets.


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    HISTORY - Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

    Hong Luck Kung Fu Club was established in 1961 as a not-for-profit martial arts organization as one the first to teach Kung Fu and Lion Dance in Toronto.

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