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Women's Self Defence Training Classes Toronto

Hong Luck is proud to offer our new women's self defence class in Toronto. This is the level one course for beginners and will deal with the following:

1. Proper striking and punching techniques.
2. Elbow and knee striking.
3. Basic kicking techniques.
4. Street proofing and awareness.
5. Hand grabs and escapes for beginners.
6. Everyday objects used as weapons.
7. Vulnerable areas of the human body.
8. Blocks and beginner break falls.
9. Beginner ground defence.

Women's Self Defence Class Times

The Women's Self Defence Level 1 course consists of 8 classes and is limited to 8 people.

Classes will be held every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Starting Oct. 19th to Dec. 7th 2015.

Women's Self Defence Class Fees:

  • $250 per person.
  • 10% off for a pair ($225 per person).
  • 20% off a group of 3 or more ($200 per person).
  • Payment can be made in person by cash, cheque or online with PayPal.

    Please contact by e-mail



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