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Master Chan History

Master Paul Chan had been teaching martial arts for 51 years.

At age 11, he began training in Chinese martial arts, and throughout the course of his life, he has studied under three famous masters and trained thousands of students.

Early Beginings
At age 11, Master Paul Chan began training under Grandmaster Wong Chun Yip in October 1943.

Grandmaster Wong, a boxer of Short-Hand Choi Lee Fut, taught martial arts at Chunyung village in the Chong Lau district of Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. Grandmaster Wong later established himself in Fow Shek village where he opened the Heung Hing Federation and took thirty children between the ages of 8 to 15 as his students.

Paul Chan was among the thirty students to enrol in the school and spent 6 years under Grandmaster Wong's gruelling regimen. Forging their skills with hard work and discipline, Grandmaster Wong made his students recite the following dictum on a daily basis, "Never be afraid of the strong, for you have fast hands and feet. Develop fast hands, quick eyes, powerful techniques, and a quick mind."

After six long years under Grandmaster Wong's arduous training regimen, Master Paul Chan had built a solid foundation in Chinese martial arts. With refined skills and spirit, this would mark the very beginning of Master Paul Chan's journey.

Tutelage Under a Legend
In 1949, Master Paul Chan took what he had learned in mainland China and moved to Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, Master Paul Chan began training under the legendary boxer Grandmaster Chan Dau.

A native of Bon Li Won village, Grandmaster Chan Dau was a descendant of the powerful Yuan family. As one of Guangdong province's famed Ten Tigers, he was a man with a formidable reputation and a consummate warrior. Chan Dau is the founder of Do Pi or the Style of the Way.

Master Paul Chan learned Do Pi, or the Style of the Way, under Grandmaster Chan Dau. Over the course of many years, Master Paul Chan excelled in the style and forged a strong bond with Grandmaster Chan Dau. The two men shared a special relationship, as Master Paul Chan soon became the Grandmaster's "personal bodyguard" at every important occasion.

With a strong knowledge of Do Pi, fighting application techniques, and heigong, Master Paul Chan took what he learned from Grandmaster Chan Dau and later moved to Canada.

A New Legacy
In 1961, Master Paul Chan founded Hong Luck Kung Fu Club with a handful of associates in Toronto, Canada. Since that time, Hong Luck Kung Fu Club continues to share Choi Lee Fut and Do Pi with dedicated students of the martial arts.

Master Paul Chan also holds a black belt in judo, which he earned under Sensei Frank Hatashita between the years of 1958 to 1965.

Grandmaster Paul Chan passed away on July 5, 2012 in Toronto. Our new head instructor is Grandmaster Gin Chan.

» Vice-President, North American Kung Fu Federation
» President, Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations
» Chief Brother, Canadian Chinese Free Masons
» President, Canadian Do Pi Association
» Advisor, Philippines Southern Chinese Wushu Association
» Honourary Chairman, Guangdong Province Choi Lee Fut Association
» Honourary Chairman, Guangzhou City Physical Education Association
» Eternal Supervisor, Ontario Federation of Martial Arts
» Advisor, Western Canada Chinese Wushu Association
» Honourary Chairman, Taishan City Wushu Association
» Honourary Chairman, Hong Kong Chan Dau Do Pi Fist Association
» Chief Instructor of Do Pi and Choi Leet Fut, Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

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