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Hong Luck Paul Chan In Memoriam 2012

In Memoriam: Grandmaster Paul Chan (1932-2012)

Grandmaster Paul Chan, who passed away on July 5, 2012 in Toronto, was locally and internationally celebrated for his long service and respected leadership in the local Chinese community, for his renowned role in the world of Chinese martial arts, and for his significant contribution to the improvement of mutual respect and understanding in Canadian society.

A famous expert and leader in the Chinese kung fu community, he was well-known across Canada, the USA, and Latin America and in countries as far away as the Philippines, and his country of birth, China, including Hong Kong. He was a founder of Toronto's Hong Luck Kung Fu Club in 1961, and as its chief instructor for over fifty years, changed and shaped the individual lives of thousands of members. More significantly, as a deeply-moral and politically-conscious leader, he authentically shared the complex ethical, cultural and technical wealth of the Chinese martial heritage with fellow Canadians of all ethnicities, insisting that his students assume serious social responsibility for the expertise he developed in them, and nurturing family-like bonds of mutual respect and mutual help that extended far outside the club and ignored all divisions of race, class or cultural origin. Throughout his career, he defended, promoted and embodied the value of the Chinese contribution to Canada, and encouraged greater mutual friendship and understanding between Canada and China. While fostering this unity, he had a sincere and strong emotional connection with each of his colleagues and students, so that their personal loss is now very great.

He held leadership positions in these martial organizations:
Vice-President, North American Kung Fu Federation
Founding President, Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations
Chief Brother, Canadian Chinese Free Masons
President, Canadian Do Pi Association
Advisor, Philippines Southern Chinese Wushu Association
Honourary Chairman, Guangdong Province Choi Lee Fut Association
Honourary Chairman, Guangzhou City Physical Education Association
Eternal Supervisor, Ontario Federation of Martial Arts
Advisor, Western Canada Chinese Wushu Association
Honourary Chairman, Taishan City Wushu Association
Honourary Chairman, Hong Kong Chan Dau Do Pi Fist Association
Chief Instructor of Do Pi and Choi Lee Fut, Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

He held executive posts in the following associations:
Chin Wing Chun Tong in Toronto (Chan Association in Toronto)
Taishan Clansmen Association (Toronto chapter)
Founding President of Gee How Oak Tin Assn (Toronto chapter)

He is remembered with deep respect as strong-willed, a person of integrity, honest and extremely kind-hearted. He will be dearly missed.

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