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Hong Luck History

Hong Luck History

Canada's First and Oldest Traditional Wushu / Kung Fu School

At Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, we pride ourselves on being one of the very first Chinese martial arts institutions in Canada.

Throughout our long history, we have encounted many challenges as pioneers in our craft. But with constant determination, our centre has developed from an association of 20 members at the time of its inception to one with a membership of more than 1,000 strong. With the untiring efforts of Grandmaster Paul Chan, Hong Luck Kung Fu Club is proud to carry its rich legacy into the new millenium.

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In the course of our trailblazing journey, we have committed ourselves to the goal of promoting Chinese martial arts. To do so, our centre opened its door very early on to people from all ethnic origins without any prejudice.

We have also participated in philoanthropic duties such as charity fundraising campaigns and multicultural activities. Furthermore, the centre has sought to participate in events that promote unity and cooperation within the Chinese-Canadian community.

As a result of these efforts, our students have had much success within North America and overseas. In 1985, members of the centre visited 7 major urban centres within the People's Republic of China putting on demonstrations and visiting historic sites. In 1991, students of Hong Luck Martial Centre participated in the First World Wushu Championships held in Beijing, P. R. China. Our students have also won gold in traditional events at the Pan-American Wushu Games, and we look toward the future with great ambition in achieving new and bigger goals.


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