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Hei Gong Training
( Chi Gong Training)

Everything in this world is governed by a spectrum of opposing forces held in constant balance.

To achieve such a balance in training, our regimen of external conditioning is complimented with proper breathing techniques or "internal" conditioning.

Hei Gong (Chi gong)
At the advanced level, heigong or chigong, constitutes a significant part of training in the Chinese martial arts. Roughly translated, "heigong" means "air method." Focusing on how breathing and mental concentration can affect bodily functions, heigong is commonly referred to as an "internal" art.

As Master Paul Chan states, "Breathing is the key to hei gong and circulates the blood. It helps develop what's called 'inside power.'"

At Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, advanced students learn the fundamentals of what is referred to as "hard style hei gong." Hard style hei gong tests the limits of the human body by teaching students how to become impervious to physical attacks. Using similar breathing principles to soft styles such as Taiqiquan, hard style hei gong helps practitioners gain an advanced understanding of the importance of proper breathing.

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