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Chinese Lion Heads & Lion Dance Equipment Toronto

Hong Luck is proud to offer lion dance equipment straight from China. These traditional, authentic lion heads are made of waxed paper mache pasted over a durable bamboo frame which is then bent and tied together with twine. Inside the head there is a lever system that causes the eyes to blink and ears to flap.

traditional Chinese lion head Toronto

They are currently available in silver and gold. In addition to the lion heads, we are offering traditional lion dance drums, symbols and gongs. These drums sound great and are made to our specifications. Many drums on the market have a weak, dull sound but these Chinese made traditional lion dance drums will have people turning their heads from two blocks away.

Lion Head Prices

Traditional Lion Head

  • One Traditional Lion Head
  • 2 sets of Matching Pants
  • Matching Tail


Lion Dance Drum Set Pricing

Traditional Lion Dance Drum and Music Set

  • One Drum
  • 2 Drumsticks
  • 1 set of cymbals
  • One gong set



Ordering Lion Dance Equipment

Contact Hong Luck to order.

Lion heads and lion dance equipment is available for pickup at our downtown Toronto location. Please note that the drum sets currently require 3 month lead time since they need to be imported. If you require shipping or special arrangements, please contact us.


Additional Lion Dance Equipment Photography

traditional Chinese lion dance drum
Lion Dance Drum

Gold Chinese Lion Head
Gold lion head

Lion Dance Pants
Comes with two sets of matching performance pants.

Silver Chinese Lion Head
Silver Lion Dance Head

Back of the Chinese Lion Head
The backs are left blank so you can paint on your school's name or other decorations.


Matching lion head tail
Matching lon dance tail.

Copper Chinese cymbols
Traditional Chinese cymbals for that authentic sound.


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